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Treating Women, Ovulation and Fertility toward health and wellness.

Treating Women and Ovulation and Fertility
Treating Women, Ovulation and Fertility

Many women suffer from irregular periods and infertility. About 12% of women ages 15–44 have irregular periods or have difficulty getting pregnant. Most cases are due to problems of ovulation. If ovulation does not occur, fertilization will not happen. Many cases are due to stress, poor diet, age etc.

Neurolink can directly treat hormones. Hormones can be kicked out due to antigens that would impair function of pituitary, adrenal cortex, ovaries, testes and liver. Neurolink can pair up different glands examples: (heart/pituitary; heart/liver) to assess any breakdown in those glands.

The gestational period of 40 weeks can be a complete joy for some women and the complete opposite for others. Why do hormones which are a natural, cause such complete havoc? In my experience, I find that when hormones are not balanced then the hardship begins. Some examples of this are as follows: the inability to hold on to a baby, morning or all day sickness, nausea, vomiting or inability to eat, diabetes and preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy). I find when women have experienced the Neurolink (NIS) alternative medicine treatments before and during pregnancy. They maintain energy, healthy weight gain and often a shortened natural delivery.

Pregnancy hormones are a natural bodily process. These situations are meant to be easy, problem free. Any challenges simply equate with an imbalance resulting in hormones not being balanced.