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The Neural Integrative System is an effective tool for bringing the body on board pathological, neurologically, physiologically and emotionally. These are called the four platforms. Pathological will cover both silent and regular inflammation, unresolved viruses, bacteria fungus/yeast and parasites.

Through years of practicing this simple yet complex system I am in awe of how these microscopic antigens can disrupt organs and create food sensitivities and skin rashes such as eczema, psoriasis and are a common culprit in hay fever. Neurological imbalances and be displayed in vertigo, headaches and nerve and back pain. The imbalances in the cranial nerves which are represented with astigmatism or myopia to name a few are covered extremely well in this protocol.

Another area that is treated regularly is facial paralysis or trigeminal neuralgia just to name a few. Physiological imbalances can be enzyme production in the organs or hormonal imbalances. This is by far the most common area that I treat. Menstrual issues, fertility or miscarriages are common for woman. Men low libido, low testosterone to problems with the mobility/motility of the sperm. In this category would be low iron production and digestive problems relating to constipation, irritable bowel to gluten food sensitivities to intolerances.

Lastly, the emotional body. Emotions and stress can undermine our brain, organs, joints and even our cranial nerves. On a personal note when I was at the latest masters in Hawaii in October 2013 I had a knee joint issue that I could not understand why I was having problems with my gait. I had no previous injury but weight bearing and running was challenging. My fellow colleagues who I was working with helped my body figure out the problems was emotional and now several months later my knee is back to normal. Most imbalances or diseases in the body will fall under one or more of the above platforms.

When the brain becomes aware of the areas than the problems can be resolved quickly, easily and in a painless fashion.