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Once againt he fall is upon us and another course is coming. I will be attending the masters level again. This will be the 13th time that I have attended this level which includes all the latest research he has on Parkinson’s and gluten intolerance.. Other topuics of discussion are RNA and DNA translation and transcription, how to eliminate fibroids and depression. One topic I am particularly attracted to is the concept of retained baby reflexes. Reflexes turn off and certain ages and stop dominating the brain/ system. If they do not turn off than they can interfere with our body as it Thumb sucking to name one. Dr Phillips has found that the retained reflses can afversly affect our heatlh. The course befins Oct 8-11 and I will be introducing all the new information the following week.

The Neural Integrative System is an effective tool for bringing the body on board pathological, neurologically, physiologically and emotionally.