Neurolink Alternative Medicine Treatments

Treating the whole family toward health and wellness.

Neurolink Alternative Medicine Treatments in vancouver
Neurolink Alternative Medicine Treatments

Neurolink is a unique system that was founded by Dr. Allan K. Phillips. His research as an Osteopathic Physician has led him to discover a system that works on the premise that the brain recognizes 100% of all the body functions. In order for the body to be well, the brain must be able to control all of the body systems.

How does Neurolink work?

Neurolink uses muscle testing to evaluate the status of each of the body systems and their functions. It also uses a range of tapping reflexes or tapping the spine to stimulate muscles to create change and is based on traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture. What makes Neurolink different than other therapies is that with this system the brain is the one that initiates all the corrections.

Neurolink uses will evaluate and correct any areas of dysfunction in any of the bodys systems. So, every muscle, every cell, every gland/organ, every vein/artery, every body system including nervous cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, lymphatic, digestive, etc. will be able to be accessed and corrected if a dysfunction is found.

What does Neurolink treat?

This system is based on the neurophysiology principle that the brain governs the optimum function of all the body''s systems. This in essence means the brain, not the doctor, has the most infinite knowledge to diagnose and correct your complaint.

Neurolink itself claims to cure nothing. We are just letting your brain make the necessary corrections it needs to make, in order to return your body to normal functioning status. Neurolink is an alternative system that addresses all underlying issues that could possibly lead to more than 600,000 different symptoms.

What areas of complaint can Neurolink NIS assist with?

  • joint, tendon, ligament, muscle and spinal pain/restriction
  • nerve entrapment
  • migraines
  • auto-immune
  • digestive system – resulting in sinus and mucus issues
  • allergies
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fybromyalgia
  • poor organ function
  • diabetes
  • skin disorders i.e. eczema, psoriasis, acne
  • respiratory illnesses
  • irregular cell activity malignant and benign collections
  • insomnia
  • female fertility, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, Post-natal depression
  • male fertility
  • depression/mood swings as related to hormonal levels
  • heart and cholesterol blood pressure, arterial and venous supply
  • infections viral/bacteria/fungal/protozoa
  • neurological and neurological injury resulting from accident/trauma
  • structural and muscular complaints
  • learning & behavioral difficulties ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia, Aspergers
  • pathological (infection based) viral, bacterial and fungal
  • all issues relating to the immune system
  • mental and emotional disorders
  • stress-related illnesses
  • respiratory (asthma)
  • eyes Glaucoma, astigmatism

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