Neural Integration System (Neurolink or NIS) & Chinese Medicine

The NIS System is a combination of Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine.

Neural Integration System (Neurolink or NIS) & Chinese Medicine acupuncture
Neural Integration System (Neurolink or NIS) & Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

Throughout my years of practice with the introduction of the Neural integrative system (NIS) I commonly get asked how does it relate to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture?

In Chinese Medicine we have several ways used for diagnosis. Verbal communication, palpation of different areas of the body including the 6 pulses on either wrist and tongue diagnosis. Once all the information is gathered and accumulated a treatment plan is compiled and acupuncture, tuina (Chinese massage) and possibly herbs would be used to assist the patient to a balanced healthier body. The number of treatments would vary with the amount of excess or deficiencies that present themselves.

The Nis system is a combination of osteopathy and Chinese medicine where by the pulses are also used for a diagnostic tool. The difference here is there are several more pulses for example the hypothalamus, thalamus , thymus and both areas of the pituitaries. These are not present in the original pulses dating back several thousand years. In this system we palpate the pulses and figure which are out of balance and get the precentral gyrus of the brain to bring them into homeostasis. The treatments is simple, noninvasive and extremely effective. Fevers come down in a few minutes as do earaches and back pain can be reduced at least 50-60 percent in the first treatment if not 100%.

I generally start off my sessions using the Nis system and then will often use acupuncture if it complements the treatment for example with fertility treatments. The reason I begin like this because it quickly reduces the number of sessions and is more cost and time effective for the client and I feel in turn more beneficial. To date I see few things that are not resolved partially or entirely by the Neural integrative system.