Allergy Help

Allergy Help using a combination of Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine.

Allergies and Help with Allergies
Allergies and Help with Allergies & Chinese Medicine and acupuncture

I began treating allergies with Traditional Chinese Medicine 15 years ago and had moderate success. However, since incorporating Neurolink in 2004, my success with treating allergies, like hay fever, has been outstanding.

Why do allergies occur?

Sometimes we are born with allergies and sometimes they develop later in life. There is some thought that we are born with the predisposition to allergies, especially if it runs in the family, and that they are triggered either at birth or later.

Some of these triggers may be viral, bacteria, toxin overload or stress. Once the body is unable to perform at optimal levels we then can develop allergies or sensitivities.

Assessment and diagnosis

Most allergies are simply intolerance to something (food or chemical) and therefore you need to address this intolerance. Sometimes it is a case of addressing the reasons why the body is not eliminating the foreign substance properly.

Neurolink screens and corrects whatever may be causing the allergic reaction.