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Hello everyone!

Once again I attended the latest research of my teacher Dr. Alllan Phillips the founder and creator of NIS ( neural integrative system also used to be known as Neurolink. This was the 13th time I attended the masters level. There were so many new changes to the information and we are getting deeper into al of our systems. We covered new information abbot fertility both men and woman, fibroids, skin , hair and nails which can also include alopecia.

One of my favorites was the new joint and spinal corrections. I have scoliosis and wore a brace as a child and my spine feels so stronger and straighter. Fibroids, depression, learning difficulties and some of the reflexes that are supposed to be integrated into our system but if retained cause some imbalances as adults. Which can definitely undermine the integrity of our bodies and mind. We also have some amazing information about celiac disease and so far proving to be very helpful.

Just to reiterate I am working in two locations now. I am still in Kerrisdale and now in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver at Edgemont Massage. My rates will be going up slightly in December.

Looking forward to sharing all the new information dn keeping us all as healthy as possible!! Dr Carla Wiseman