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Welcome to Carla Wiseman and her alternative medicine therapy, acupuncture and holistic healing practice.

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Children's Health

In 1995-1996 Carla studied with Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow for 6 months. The course specialized in diagnosis and the treatment of children and infants with acupuncture. A huge part of Carla's practice consists of treating children.

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Alternative Therapy Neurolink

Neurolink uses muscle testing to evaluate the status of each of the body systems and their functions. What makes Neurolink different than other therapies is that with this system the brain is the one that initiates all the corrections.

Neurolink (NIS) Alternative therapy medicine

Women's Therapy

Pregnancy hormones are a natural bodily process. These situations are meant to be easy, problem free. Any challenges simply equate with an imbalance resulting in hormones not being balanced.

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Carla Wiseman Health - Alternative Medicine Practitioner

My name is Carla Wiseman and I have been working in the healing world since 1986.  I started out as a Massage Therapist and then became a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.  After 11 years of evolving in acupuncture, taking courses for children's health, fertility, allergies, myotasacral release, cranial sacral release for pain, I happened upon a system that uses the brain called Neuralogical Integration System (NIS Neurolink website).  Once imersed in this system and its success it has become an integral part of my practice. I have never experienced a treatment that works so quickly, effectively and painlessly.  The brain takes responsibility  for the body...    Read More About Me Click Here

Alternative Health


Fertility, Infertility, health and wellness issues are unique to women, and others are more common in women than men.  Treating women specifics need through the use of alternative medicine and acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicine principals.



I use the Neurolink Integration System to access the brains intelligence, though a muscle test and proprietary integration method based on the nervous system and its integration with the brain which was developed by Dr. Phillips.

Techniques that I use are based on traditional Chinese medicine, Neurolink (NIS), acupuncture,

Children with illnesses and symptoms are finding relief through alternative therapies and medicine, I use neurolink which is safe, non-invasive, non-manipulative along with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to help allergies,  fungus, warts, viruses and other childhood symtoms.



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